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Experts Here to Serve You


Apex Medical Disposal Group is a company that's main goal is to be your go to
solution for fast, friendly and responsible regulated medical waste (RMW) at a value. We
are flexible and designed to work with any medical care provider. We deliver a complete
solution that is more affordable than our competitors.
You can trust Apex Medical Disposal Group to responsibly, safely, and legally dispose of your regulated medical waste. You can rely on us for keeping in step with increasingly complex
regulatory issues. In addition to our team of analysts dedicated to careful observation and
assessment of business, our research team stays on top of emerging developments so we
can help your business grow and scale. We also have a dedicated support team ready to
answer any questions you have about our products and services.

waste medical medical waste sharps disposingservice waste disposal medical waste disposal medical disposal compliance disposal waste waste servicesmanaging facilities properly pickup regulates biohazards treatment systems

Founder and COO

Founder and CEO