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How to Package Medical Waste step by step guide

Generators of regulated medical waste are responsible for the packaging of all medical waste the produce prior to pickup service. Whether you have cultures, specimen containers, sharps containers, or bulk waste it all must be inside the proper red medical waste bag.



1. Prepare your box, or reusable medical waste container.

If you are using the box option proceed by folding the bottom flaps in. Seal the flaps with thick grade 2’’ wide packing tape. If you are using the reusable container you are good to go proceed to step two.

2. Open red biohazard bag and line the container

Apply the red biomedical to the inside of the container making sure that it overlaps the edges of the container all the way around.

3. Begin filling bag with medical waste.

Fill bag in container with your medical waste, bulk medical wastes, disposal sharps containers cultures, and any other approved forms of waste up 45 pounds. Be sure to leave enough space at the top of the container so that it can be sealed easily. DO NOT place any loose needles, loose sharps, commingled chemotherapy, trace radioactive material, or controlled pharmaceutical waste.  

4. Seal the biohazard bag.

Without having to push any medical waste down, take all sides of the overlapping bag and bring it to the center. Twist the bag and tie a secure leak proof single knot, secure with zip tie or tape for extra protection

5. Close and seal the medical waste container.

For rigid reusable containers press down on the lid till you hear a click and engage any locking tabs to ensure a leak tight seal. For boxes close the boxes flaps and secure with same 2’’ packing tape used to secure the bottom of the box.

6. Inspect the medical waste container.

Check the container for leaks and check any applicable markings for the waste type e.g. Pharmaceutical or chemotherapy waste.


7. Call your medical waste disposal company to schedule a pickup.

Call Apex Medical Disposal Group and Save 20-40% Off your current medical waste & sharps removal service provider when you get an online quote. Visit us at https://www.apexmdg.com or call us at (908) 800-2739. We are your premier medical waste disposal solution.




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How to Package Medical Waste step by step guide

May 1, 2017

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